Corporate Information

Swiss Money Corp GmbH (Swiss Money Corp) is a licensed and regulated Swiss Financial Intermediate. Swiss Money Corp business activity consists of two areas: wholesale foreign exchange services and financial clearinghouse services.

As a foreign exchange wholesaler, SMC offers to licensed and regulated companies access to competitive foreign exchange rates to soft currencies through its extensive network partners, who are themselves authorized by the local authorities to conduct payments and foreign exchange deals in their jurisdiction.

As a clearinghouse operator, Swiss Money Corp offers to licensed and regulated entities settlement services in different countries in a fast and effective way.

As a regulated and licensed Financial Intermediate, Swiss Money Corp takes AML regulations seriously and to minimize risk, Swiss Money Corp is a strictly Business to Business (B2B) operator.


Since its foundations, Swiss Money Corp has always strived to provide its business partners with world-class professional wholesale and clearinghouse services at an affordable level. Swiss Money Corp has achieved this by streamlining services, forging strategic partnerships with different financial companies in different jurisdictions and maintaining an efficient overhead.

With a strong compliance program, as well as a state of the art information technology support, Swiss Money Corp provides its clients with a fast and reliable trading and clearinghouse platform.


Swiss Money Corp’s mission is to become a reference in the Financial Intermediate industry by providing its customers with a range of excellent and affordable financial solutions.

Swiss Money Corp actively preempts its clients needs by continuing monitoring the market and by creating solutions that fulfil its clients’ needs in the short, medium and long terms.

Currently, due to changes in the market, Swiss Money Corp is working on:

1) Extending its legal jurisdiction to become a Payment Institution under the European Union’s Payment Service Directive;

2) Looking into expanding its services to include e-money;

3) Becoming a SWIFT member.