About Us

Swiss Money Corp GmbH (Swiss Money Corp) is a licensed and regulated Swiss Financial Intermediate. Swiss Money Corp business is a B2B company only that offers other regulated companies with FX and payment facilities.

As a foreign exchange wholesaler, SMC offers to licensed and regulated companies access to competitive foreign exchange rates to soft currencies through its extensive network partners, who are themselves authorized by the local authorities to conduct payments and foreign exchange deals in their jurisdiction.

As a payment facilitator, Swiss Money Corp offers to licensed and regulated entities settlement services in different countries in a fast and effective way.


Why US?

Since its foundations, Swiss Money Corp has always strived to provide its business partners with world-class professional FX wholesale and clearinghouse services at an affordable level.

Swiss Money Corp has achieved this by streamlining services, forging strategic partnerships with different financial companies in different jurisdictions and maintaining an efficient overhead.

With a strong compliance program, as well as a state-of-the-art information technology support, Swiss Money Corp provides its clients with a fast and reliable trading and clearinghouse platform.


Our services

Our affordable solutions  
based on excellence.

A fast and reliable platform.

With a range of established services, we can proudly offer:

  • Competitive wholesale soft currency exchange rate.

  • Affordable clearinghouse services.

  • Consulting services on AML and regulatory issues.

  • Client focused service, with a high degree of personification.

  • State of the art trading and payment tools.


AML Compliance

Swiss Money Corp takes compliance extremely seriously. Its directors and AML officer are trained yearly on both Swiss and European AML laws to make sure that Swiss Money Corp fulfills it AML duty. Swiss Money Corp is a business-to-business company only. For currency wholesale, Swiss Money Corp works with licensed and audited companies in its local jurisdiction. For clearinghouse payments, Swiss Money Corp works with Swiss, European and American Financial Intermediates.

On clearinghouse payments, Swiss Money Corp follows the current AML requirements, which is to identify the beneficial owner of the funds and the beneficiary. To that end, Swiss Money Cops procedures are to scrutinize payments orders by investigating and authenticating payments invoices, as well as running random checks. Swiss Money Corp utilizes the Bridger Insight AML tools.

Swiss Money Corp Financial Intermediate

Interested in joining us?

We are always looking for professional individuals who would like to grow with the company. If you have a strong financials background on trading, or deep knowledge of the MBS markets, as well as proven AML knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact us.